As part of the Digital Media & Imaging Unit, in your pairs, you will be asked to create a blog on which to host your styled shoot and broadcast segment. As part of this brief, you are also asked to create a series of a minimum of 6 written pieces (3 per student), each in the region of 300w and each with a referenced/credited supplementary image.

The Blog
Not only the content, but HOW you represent your work is important – what you want to represent, what style you want to adopt, what audience you are trying to appeal to.

The Audience 
Who are you trying to attract with your blog? Where are they? How much do they already know? What do they want to know? How can you appeal to them? How will you get them to keep coming back? Collectively, you are asked to compose a desired target market/potential audience statement (500w) , explaining all of the above.

The Written Content
Using the theme of “Emergent”, the focus and subject matter of the pieces are entirely up to you – but as a whole, all work should be geared toward the assumed interests and level of knowledge of your audience. Permissible types of pieces – research commentaries, profiles, reports, news, reviews factual pieces. Not permitted for this submission – interviews, Q&As, large/substantive quotes, opinion led pieces.

This part of the unit will be delivered through:
A blog set-up session.
A library workshop on “Exploring Emergence”.
A series of 8 workshops on blog content, types of blogs, defining your audience, blog appearance and development of written content.

Output: This is a paired submission. The blog platform, considering style, tone, navigation and layout. A collectively created 500w statement that explains your desired target market/potential audience. Minimum of 6 written pieces (3 per student), as outlined above. A “Blog Dossier” as outlined in your submission brief.

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